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Thread: Add Encrypt and Decrypt to context menus

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    Default Add Encrypt and Decrypt to context menus

    Here's how you add Encrypt and Decrypt to right-click context menus.

    1. Open the Start Menu and search for regedit or

    Open Start Menu -> Run -> regedit

    If prompted by UAC then click yes

    2. In regedit go to

    i) In the right pane of Advanced right click on an empty space and click New DWORD (32Bit) and name EncryptionContextMenu and press Enter.

    ii) Now in the right pane right click on EncryptionContextMenu and click Modify and enter 1 in Value Data


    And close regedit.

    To remove just delete the EncryptionContextMenu DWORD (32bit) entry in the right pane.
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