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Thread: Components suggestion.

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    Default Components suggestion.

    Not sure what your supply situation is as to whether or not this idea would be viable but bundle deals are quite popular, especially among people who are having to upgrade for a new game coming out and find that their "old 775 board" or whatever no longer has an upgrade path due to being phased out.

    As you likely are aware, most are:
    mobo - ram - processor
    some also include a cooler and what you can do to cross-sell to your other products is have something like a drop box at the bottom with

    [add one of these graphics cards to your build]
    Asus DirectCU2 GTX460 OC: £140
    Asus GeForce GTX 570: £290 etc etc

    You'll notice that I have taken your current prices and added a small discount which is the way to do this as this customer is buying almost a complete computer from you so the discounts are outweighed by the quantity they are purchasing

    If you currently don't have the supply lines for it then it's definitely something to consider for the future as most companies buy-in preset bundles, you have the opportunity to do something different and create your own bundles from your experience of what works and so on.

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    Hi Uri,
    We will be selling "cpu, mobo and RAM" kits soon, we've been concerntrating on getting the single components uploaded first, we should be able to start on that in a week or two.
    We'll also be looking into our "Cross Selling" option/s at the same time, our shop software has endless options for this kind of thing, but we need to upload each product first.
    I will post back when we start on this
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    Nice one mate, seems you're waay ahead of me which is awesome.

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